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Four Signs To Call A Mold Remediation Company in Candler

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Mold on Bread May Indicate a Moisture Problem

Candler Mold Remediation by SERVPRO

While there are numerous household issues that residential property owners may have to deal with, a Candler mold infestation is one of the most serious. If left unaddressed, mold can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property while also causing health effects. However, knowing how to recognize signs of mold as well as who to call for assistance can help you prevent the fungus from generating these adverse consequences. SERVPRO offers some information about signs of mold and how to secure mold remediation services.

Excessive Water, Humidity, Or Moisture
When your property is subjected to extensive water damage, the ideal environment for mold growth is created. Specifically, mold thrives best in warm, moist, dark environments. Additionally, mold spores, present in home environs, that have been dormant can become active within just several hours of exposure to moisture. As this growth activity speeds up, millions of spores can begin to develop colonies on your property. A complete inundation of water isn't necessary to put this process in motion leading to the need for mold remediation. High humidity or chronic moisture is enough.

Visual Signals
Several visual signals can indicate that these fungi are present on your property. One sign is discolored surfaces. The mold can appear on wooden structural materials, tile grout or caulk, carpeting, and drywall as a red, brown, gray, or black coloration. It may also have a textured appearance. Mold penetrates the surface of the items that it grows on. Porous materials like drywall, carpets, and ceiling tiles often have to be discarded if the mold growth isn't arrested in its early stage.

A Musty Odor
Mold and mildew emit a musty odor. When homeowners note the onset of a musty scent on their property, it is often an indication that mold is present. In many cases, the fungi are thriving in enclosed areas like attics, crawl spaces, basements or wall voids. Under normal conditions, you will have a strong sense of a mold presence from visible signs. Extensive and expensive mold inspections are usually not necessary. SERVPRO can always be called upon to check your home.

Unexplained Health Issues
The allergens and mycotoxins from fungi may lead to health effects.

SERVPRO: The Solution For Your Candler mold remediation.
Once you realize that mold is present on your residential property, hiring an experienced mold remediation services is a must. The professionals of SERVPRO are IICRC-certified and possess advanced knowledge regarding how to expedite and optimize the mold remediation process. From the safety equipment to negative air pressure devices, specialized air scrubbers, and foggers, sanitizing products and odor removal, we re-create a safe home for you.

We’re Highly Trained Mold Remediation Specialists

SERVPRO of Asheville West specializes in water and mold damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We have the training and expertise to safely handle any mold situation in our communities of Candler, Asheville, and Leicester. Call us 24/7 for immediate service. (828) 684-8506

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