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floor being removed

Floor Removal

Water Damage Process

After this bathroom suffered water damage, our team at SERVPRO of Asheville West had to remove all of the flooring. This will prevent further damage like mold and help with the drying process. 

hardwood water loss

Hardwood Water Damage

Water Damage near me

Water damage can leave behind significant damage to your hardwoods. SERVPRO of Asheville West completely replaced the hardwoods. The team made the disaster "Like it never even happened."

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hardwood fire damage

After House Fire Damage

Fire Damage near me

This was after the team at SERVPRO of Asheville West responded and removed smoke and water damage from a fire loss. The owner was very satisfied with the work done by the professionals.

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Moldy Wall Damage

Mold can be present or hiding behind door facings and drywall after a water loss in your Asheville, NC home is discovered.  We have cleaning techniques and equipment for your mold remediation. 

Living Room steps Fire Loss

This was the aftermath of a small fire in the living of this Asheville, North Carolina home.  Our team quickly arrived after fire fighting efforts to restore the water and fire damage back to normal. We cleaned the hardwoods restoring them back to pre water conditions also.

Living Room Water Damage

This living room suffered from a water loss. SERVPRO responded immediately to assess and begin clean up procedures.  The content of the home was packed up and stored during clean up. The furniture and cabinets were covered while the affected drywall area was cut out for drying purposes.

Renovated Bathroom

This is the after picture of a bathroom suffering from smoke and soot stains from a house fire. SERVPRO was able to restore the bathroom back to normal quickly so the family could return back to their home.

Bathroom Fire Damage

This bathroom suffered from smoke and soot stains after a fire. SERVPRO responded immediately and begin to place equipment and start on the reconstruction process. The bathroom was completely demoed and renovated by SERVPRO.

Aftermath of a Hurricane

This was the aftermath of a flood water loss after a Hurricane made landfall in the Carolinas.  There was significant water damage to the content, flooring, etc of the home.

Hurricane Home Damage

Hurricane damage can leave a homeowner helpless. SERVPRO of Asheville West has Storm Recovery Teams ready to respond to the area when disaster strikes.  This home and many others were affected by the recent storms.

Ceiling Storm Damage

Significant rain water and winds damaged homes in the area when Hurricane Florence made landfall. This home and many other rooms suffered from damage. SERVPRO of Asheville West responded immediately and began clean up procedures.

Music Store Extraction

This music store suffered from a water loss.  The team at SERVPRO responded and immediately began the extraction process. The team has professional drying equipment to extract the water and return back to normal conditions. 

Storm Damage from Leaking back door

After high winds hit the Asheville area, this home suffered from rain water entering the home.  The hardwood were soaked from rain water.  SERVPRO responded and used air movers to dry the area preventing further damage. 

Bedroom Water Damage

After significant storm damage in the Asheville area, this bedroom suffered from significant water damage.  There was debris from the ceiling and drywall and insulation falling.  They were able to clean up and restore the bedroom back to normal conditions. 

Hardwood Flooring after Water Loss

SERVPRO responded to this home to find significant water damage.   The team removed the existing floors and used professional drying equipment to ensure the sub floors were dried before replacing with new hardwoods. 

Storm Tear Out

SERVPRO responded to this home after a severe storm hit the area. The flooring was removed and tore down to the floor joist.  They made repairs and restored this home back to normal conditions. 

Kitchen Cabinet Mold Loss

This kitchen suffered from Mold damage. The kitchen cabinets and flooring was covered in mold and mildew.  SERVPRO responded and removed the entire kitchen.  They rebuilt the kitchen and made it new. 

Moldy Wall Damage

Mold can grow rapidly in your home.  If you see signs of mold and mildew contact SERVPRO for your Mold Remediation.  The team cleaned and treat the mold in this home. 

Ceiling Mold Damage

If you find mold in your home, contact the team at SERVPRO for your Mold Remediation.  The team has professional cleaning techniques and equipment to restore your home or business back to normal conditions. 

Mold found after Pipe Break

SERVPRO responded to find mold growing behind the drywall after a pipe break.  The team removed the drywall and cleaned the area properly to remove  the mold.  For your Mold Remediation needs contact us anytime 24/7.

Storm Damage in Asheville Home

This kitchen suffered from a water loss from rain during a storm.  SERVPRO responded and began repairs. They used air movers to dry the area preventing future damages. For your storm restoration needs contact us 24/7. 

Kitchen Water Damage

This kitchen suffered from a water leak.  The flooring in the kitchen and surrounding rooms were damaged.  SERVPRO responded and removed the damaged flooring and restored the kitchen back to normal conditions. 

Dining Room Water Loss

After significant water damage to the hardwoods in this dining room, SERVPRO was able to recover them before they got damaged. The team used special drying equipment and techniques to restore the floors back to normal conditions. 

Ceiling Storm Damage

After a severe storm hit the Asheville area, the roof had significant water damage.  The water caused the ceiling to cave in creating a mess in the floor.  The drywall and ceiling was tore out and rebuilt back.

Retail Water Loss

This retail space suffered from significant water damage after a pipe break.  The team at SERVPRO responded and began mitigation.  The air movers were used to dry the floor quickly preventing future damages. 

Mold Damage in Asheville

This home suffered from significant mold damage.  For your mold remediation contact SERVPRO 24/7.  We have professionals ready to respond with special cleaning equipment and techniques to tackle any type of mold. 

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO responded to find significant water damage.  The flooring was dangerous to employees.  The team quickly began mitigation.  They were able to dry the floors and return to back to normal operation. 

Commercial Roof Leak

SERVPRO responded to this commercial property finding significant water damage after a pipe break. The ceiling tiles were removed and replaced with new.  They were able to dry the floors with air movers and return to normal operation. 

Exterior Storm Damage

After a severe storm hit the Asheville area, SERVPRO responded to begin storm clean up procedures.  The team put a tarp over the roof and cleaned up debris from the exterior.  

The Right Equipment To Do The Job

When your business has a loss, such as the water loss in this image, you want to make sure that the job is done right. That is why we always properly equip our technicians to do the job right.

Soaked Carpet

The carpet in this image was soaked by a water loss that occurred on the third floor of this facility. Our team responded quickly and had this business back up and running in no time.

Responding To Commercial Loss

If your business experiences a loss, you need a quick response to get you back up and running as soon as possible. That is why we are available any time, day or night to respond to your call.

Fire Loss, Before and After!

After a fire loss in a kitchen, SERVPRO quickly arrived to help with all the fire restoration needs. No size loss is too big for SERVPRO, and we want to make things Like it Never Even Happened!

Before and After

Before and after a fire loss in an office room! SERVPRO quickly responded and arrived at the fire loss to begin the fire restoration process. SERVPRO's trained professionals are here to help with ANY size loss, just give us a call!

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Storm Damage Equipment – Asheville

Asheville storm damage can be severe. The difficult conditions of water damage in the aftermath of stormwater requires sophisticated and professional equipment. SERVPRO of Asheville West has an ample supply of such equipment and the highly trained personnel to put it to use.

The Esporta Machine is High-Tech

The Esporta Machine is an innovative, high-tech washing machine that can tackle the most difficult soft content items and restore them to a clean and sanitary condition. This photo of local firefighters' Turnout Gear illustrates the superb results. SERVPRO of Asheville West has the expertise to salvage your most treasured personal possessions from water or smoke & fire damage. For great results call us at (828) 684-8506.

Another Happy Customer in Asheville

In the final stages of getting back into our house!! Thank you, Jesus!! SERVPRO of Asheville West has been amazing. If you ever find yourself in need of fire or water clean up and restoration like we did, they are the ones to call. Also, our contractor Chris Kirtly Lawson did an amazing job, great to deal with and he went above and beyond on the details of our repairs!

Fire Damage – Heavy Duty Content Washer

Fire damage to the contents of affected properties will now be treated by SERVPRO of Asheville West with this heavy duty Esporta Wash System. The Esporta can restore items previously deemed untreatable. Treasured items can be cleaned and placed back into the home or business where they were damaged. Don’t throw out fire damaged items until you have checked with us first. Call us at (828) 684-8506. We will do anything we can to save your prized possessions.

SERVPRO Keeps Your Business Open for Business

We got an emergency call to extract standing water when a washing machine malfunctioned. After removing the water from this commercial building, we lifted a layer of flooring to get down to the base to complete the water damage restoration. SERVPRO of Asheville promptly answered this urgent call for help; we are ready 24/7, even on weekends, to keep your business up and running. "Like it never even happened." Just call us at (828) 684-8506.

fire damage

Weaverville Fire Damage

Emergency Cleaning Service

When this farming building was burnt by fire, the owner still needed it for storage of equipment and supplies. The first order of business was to remove the charred debris and insulation. Salvageable items were placed outside while the clean up now focused on removing the ashes. The site was checked for any hidden moisture from the firefighting efforts, then sprayed with chemicals for protection against fungi and microbial growth. Thermal fogging is an added precaution to ensure health and safety.Though it is a storage area, care must be taken to mitigate any unsafe conditions, visible or not.


Saving Inventory in a Shoe Store

We're Here to Help

Even though this shoe store in the Ashville Mall sold rubber boots, they still needed us to come in and remove the water from a backed-up drain. We vacuumed up the water and set up air movers and dehumidifiers to hasten the drying process. SERVPRO of Asheville West reacted immediately to the call for assistance thus saving any inventory loss to the happy owners. If you suffer water, mold, or fire damage to your place of business or home, trust in us for professional restoration.

mold in garage

Mold in a Leicester Garage

Remediation Process

The moisture buildup in a non-air-conditioned space can lead to a growth of unwanted mold. This is compounded by the presence of plumbing lines within the wall and a clothes dryer vent. This heat and moisture source breed mold with regularity. The floor was cleared, the wall was opened up for inspection, treatment, and removal of some insulation. At this stage, the area will be sprayed with a strong anti-fungal product. And better packing of new insulation to mitigate moisture accumulation through condensation of the metal pipes will help. Surrounding areas should also be treated with a product to inhibit mold growth.