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Save money and valuables with the new Esporta Wash System

5/31/2016 (Permalink)

Our new Esporta Wash System

New cleaning technology can save your family heirlooms.

SERVPRO of Asheville West is using the newest cleaning technology available as we install our new Esporta Wash System. Our team of highly trained technicians can restore water, smoke and soot damaged soft contents at our local facility. 

Fire damage can leave many important items damaged so bad that the insurance adjustors consider them non-salvageable and they end up in a landfill. By choosing SERVPRO, you can make a positive difference. When textiles are sent to the landfill, they leave the fabric dyes and chemicals to leach into the soil, contaminating both the groundwater and surface. What makes our new Esporta Cleaning System so unique is that it is the only process with scientific validation to support it's ability to remove the bacterial contamination found in flood affected goods.

 We use standardized wash programs with specific disinfectants and detergents to assure total decontamination.  No other washing technology can make this same claim. With today’s newest technology, we can help families recover from the tragedy of disasters in their homes or offices. Call us at at (828) 684-8506 for more information.